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Hey There! We are Lucid Media, a turnkey video production agency that serves brands and events who struggle with curating strategic video content.

Through our video production services we help you strategically navigate the development, creation and execution of video content on a long term basis that lifts your brand perception, drive sales, optimizes SEO efforts and informs, and influences your target audience.

Based in Dallas/ Fort Worth our team seeks innovation and pushes the limits of creativity all the while balancing process and structure. Consider that the ying to the yang in bringing your full vision to life. 

Our selected team has climbed the ropes and has gone through the small to bring the big, we know what it takes to be nimble and mighty yet bold in the face of BIG. 

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Meet The Team

Sean Whitmore, Founder

Finding his way into the camera world in 2013 by shooting small nightlife events Sean has spent the last 6 years developing his craft and bringing creative visions to life. Sean has an absolute passion for telling brand stories and bringing moments to life through documentation. Now in his late 20's he seeks to expand that role and give brands the absolute best content to bring their image to life. 

Daniel Lopez, Post Production Manager

Originally starting as an After Effects editor, Daniel combined his cinematography skills with his seven years of After Effects editing, sparking a passion of on site production and post production

Alexis Sturm, Core Photographer

Alexis Sturm is an Austin, Texas based photographer. Her photography journey began when she realized she could combine her two passions; Music and capturing moments of life. Alexis has worked directly with artists, and festivals alike to bring full event visions to life across the world. 

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