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What we do 

Your brand perception is everything and we're here to make it look, and communicate in an exceptional manner.

 At Lucid, we understand that there are seemingly a lot of moving parts to video production and have seen them first hand. Our goal is to provide a seamless, simple experience with minimal oversight to an overarching goal in the modern age; Efficient photo and video capture that puts your brand in the best light possible. We curate pre-production concepts, execute production, and supply you with the tools you need to market with effectively.


Curious about our process?

See more about our core services below. 

Video Production

When it comes to content these days, video is king. Often times however, potential clients have no idea where to start. Smart phones, your spouses DSLR that was used once for a hobby, or college content creators looking to produce self-centered social content cloud the market with subpar content and iffy client experiences. Sound familiar?


While video production feels like a hefty expense for your business the return is often greater than the investment seeing as how "73% of people said they bought products and services after seeing professional video." according to a 2019 survey done by wyzowl.com


The result of all of this? Enhanced brand perception, consistent line of communication that’s working to inform and engage customers, optimization of SEO, content safety through cloud archival, and a breath of fresh air knowing that your business is in safe hands. 

Event Photography

Your event is here, you are excited, the people coming are excited and big moments are about to happen. Luckily, the last thing you will be worried about is if it will be captured in the appropriate manner.


As stated above our core mission is to supply an elevated quality of photo and to document a variety of special moments in a truly unique perspective that will supply you with enough marketing content to last year over year. 

Live Streaming

Have event visitors that just couldn't make it? No problem. With our professional Live Streaming service we coordinate with your team to provide a truly immersive experience in the palm of your audience hands. ​

Event Marketing

We understand the fast paced nature of events and know that time is of the essence. In todays world fans interact on a physical level and a digital level at your event. Knowing this our marketing service provides a social manager the day of your event to make sure engaging content is being posted in a timely manner.


Furthermore, after the event is over our team will take it upon ourselves to make sure that your page(s) stay up to date with the content that we curated at the event. 

Additional Services

While Videography, Photography, Live Streaming and Marketing are our core services there is much more that goes into them. Below is a snapshot of what makes those services what they are. 

  • Concept Development 

  • Production

  • Cinematography

  • Music & Sound Design

  • Visual FX

  • Video & Photo Editing

  • Aerial Cinematography

  • Social Management

  • Video Strategy

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