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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Media Company to Cover Your Next Event.

Ahhhh the day has arrived and you are all set for your featured event that you have been planning for the last 6 months. All goes well through your weekend conference, festival, concert, symposium or panel. A couple weeks later you get your content back from your media guy and you are shocked by what you see and hear. The photos look like they were edited with sepia toned tint from a 2009 Macbook Pro iphoto catalogue and the audio sounds like its peaking higher than Mount Everest. Oh and the video... we won't event get into what that may look like.

The sad part is that this stuff happens and if you aren't careful on who you hire you could be out time and money. The goal of this blog is to shed light on some things that you may not be considering when hiring an outsourced video production/ media company to cover your event.

Consideration One | Who Are You Hiring and Why

You basically have three options when it all comes to hiring media for your event and they all could be viable solutions for having coverage of your event. Below are some pros and cons.

  • A Solo Videographer

PRO: A solo videographer is great and very cost efficient; especially if they are completing the editing portion of the project. However they do come with some limitations depending on experience and what the event calls for.

CON: Limited to a singular person, for example if you wanted to have a panel recorded you would be having them monitor audio, and run two-three cameras. This would put them in a vulnerable position to possibly fail.

If however you are just having a recap of an event with no narrative that needs to be recorded and pieced together for a 30-60 sec event recap with maybe some sourced testimonials you would be all set with a singular videographer.

  • A Production Company

When and why would you bring in a production company? A seasoned production company may cost a little bit more but will give you some quality content and usually will be a strategic partner in the venture as well. For example, at Lucid we are all about the strategic approach to events and maximizing what content comes out of them.

When it comes to corporate engagements we always gear towards the informational side of the event to document valuable pieces that will be used for marketing material. We usually offer three main aspects of production for this;

One- Creative. a Creative Highlight aids in brand perception from an internal level with employees and external level with clients. Two- Long Form Keynote Recording. This aids in Long Form Content (as coined by Gary Vee) that can later be broken down into micro content to spread across different social channels. Three- Testimonials. Testimonials are great for promoting your brand and can also be coined as long form content which can be spliced down into micro content to later be dispersed across your social platforms.

In conclusion there are great pros with a production company as you get a reputable source, usually a designated team that is specified and knowledgeable in their space however it will most likely come at a cost depending on what your deliverables are.

  • An Agency

If you are working with an agency already on an ongoing campaign you are in luck as they probably already have an internal production team or have a solid vendor that is outsourced. However it could be costing you extra money depending on what your initiatives are.

For example, If this is your one off event for the year it may not make sense to outsource to an agency because they will most likely source the production crew for you and could top it with an agency fee.

Sean launching a drone at Chasing Summer Music Festival

Consideration Two | What They Are Charging

When it comes too pricing it goes back to who is doing the work. Are you paying a videographer $500 for the film and edit? Or are you paying a production company 5-10k to do this for you.

If you pay a videographer you are most likely paying for their labor which is why it is so cost effective.

When you get into paying a production company however you will most likely be paying for someone to produce/ direct the project, the crew labor, the editing, and the equipment cost to execute the shoot.

So what is the cost?

Cost is very tricky when it comes to production because it is very case sensitive. Each and every shoot is different and requires different variables to bring the end product to life. Production operates on three aspects and if you decide to source a production crew you can expect to pay into these three aspects.

  1. Pre-production ( Front end work of the production and includes but is not limited to concept development, scriptwriting, shot- list scheduling, and crew scheduling and logistics.

  2. Production (Execution of shooting and includes crew labor, equipment costs, and expendables such as per diem (if needed))

  3. Post-Production ( The Final aspect of production which includes but is not limited to, clip importing, organization, editing, sound design, color grading, audio mastering, exporting and revisions.)

Consideration Three | Are You Allowing Them To Be Successful

The final aspect to all of this is if you, the client are being fair in all of this and allowing the person you are hiring to thrive in their environment. This stems past the documentation portion of the production and goes into your event planners, coordinators and A/V team. When all three are synced perfectly it is a blissful thing as everything comes together in harmony. As videographers and photographers all we ask is to be fair with us and we will do everything in our power to make sure the job is done right and exceeds your expectations. There are a couple things you can do to ensure the success of your media team and are listed below.

  1. Hire professional A/V- This is an absolute must having professional a/v will allow a single videographer to capture quality audio which will literally save the day even if the video comes out looking sub-par.

  2. Light your stages well- Videographers work off of lighting to craft their images and if the lighting looks bad, the video is going to look bad. If you have a stage I suggest lighting it , but if not coordinate with your videographer to see if they have extra lighting readily available. It will take your end product and make it like 100x better. Promise!

  3. Think about set design- Being mindful of set design is paramount. In an instagram world branding and perfection is everything and if you can facilitate an instagram worth stage or set your video will be the talk of the inter-webs. Well maybe not all of the inter-webs, but most of them ;)

There ya have it! Three things to consider when hiring a Media team! I hope this sheds some light and helps your company and your videographer with your next event! :)

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