• Sean Whitmore

Defining Video Content Creation in 2019

A hot buzz word in todays digital age is "content creation". Every brand I follow, people on podcasts, youtube, and blogs are all talking about it and how important it is. But what is content creation exactly because it really is a wide ranging phrase that could mean a couple different things. In its generality however it is the action of creating articles, videos, podcasts, books, spreadsheets, and more curated information for other peoples knowledge or entertainment gain. To be candid with you, I totally made that definition up and is not sourced from a wikipedia or dictionary. But! It is true and content is really just content it is something that you absorb for either knowledge gain or entertainment gain. In 2019 it is all around us, on our cell phones, on our TV screens, on our drive to work, and even in the public bathrooms that we use. Yep, even in the bathrooms.

But what does all of this mean and why is it so important for todays marketing strategies and even beneficial to the public. According to Forbes the average American is exposed to 4,000-10,000 pieces of content a day. That's a lot. How do you even remotely start to differentiate yourself with that to go up against. Luckily for you Google has now become your friend in the way that they are separating content on its online search platform by indexing sites to bring the user searching the best and meaningful result. That usually means a click through to the site, and if it is polished and what they are looking for they are more likely to buy from you. Now on to the blog, since Lucid Media is in the video production space I want to define video content creation and a brief strategy to it, understanding the metric as to what all it takes to create that perfect and meaningful look you are seeking, and what it means for your brand marketing efforts.

Video Content Creation Strategy

What is the point of even trying to put marketing dollars behind video content? Does it even give you a return? In todays marketing efforts we can now track how people are responding to the content we create and show to them and how it is influencing them (usually by sales). The most simplistic way to grasp video content creation is to think about an over arching idea/ concept and then put legs underneath it by creating supporting material. If you study one of my favorite content creators and entrepreneurs like Jakob Owens of Jakob Owens Productions you can see how he manifests real results in the form of "Followers" by sticking to a consistent video content creation strategy. I will dive into this in more detail below.

  • Play the algorithm

Playing the Google algorithm is a necessity these days, Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tech Giants are all set up similarly in the fact that they love interaction, consistency, and quality.

Interaction is key, the more the algorithm see's you interacting within the platform the higher you will start ranking within the results and explore pages. I personally spend about 15-20 min each morning commenting and communicating with other artists/ film-makers.

The consistency of your posting engaging video plays a huge role within the algorithm. Why do social outlets love video so much? Because it communicates sights, sounds and feelings 10x more than words alone. Especially if it provides knowledge or entertainment value.

Quality. This is a big one while you want to be consistent it doesn't have to be an every day thing but you also don't want to be once a week thing either. I usually try and place 3-5 pieces of video content a week depending on what is going on. Like I said before Google is looking to place the best result based on the users query.

  • Create an Over-arching campaign and Break it into micro content

Throwing it back to the knowledge of Gary Vee- Creating an overarching idea and breaking it down into micro content is the best way to stay organized. Now back to what I was saying about Jakob Owens. I have been following him and his companies for the past couple of years and have been studying just how he operates. To be perfectly honest the dude is a damn genius. Here's how I have perceived how he works-

He takes an event whether it be a life event, work event, or new business venture- for this blog we will keep it simple and say he completes a new piece of work.

He then breaks down that piece of work into a couple different of specialized and personalized video pieces where he shares his thought leadership on how to achieve that look or outcome, and then the cherry on top is that he has a product that he has developed waiting for you to buy that you need to achieve that desired look.

Afterwards he rinses and repeats for ongoing content for his target audience to follow along with. Pure. Genius.

All three of these aspects of his entrepreneurial journey including his production company, his personal brand, and his product brands all are focused on one niche of video production and circulate interchangeably to progress not only his influence but I would imagine his sales forward. If you want to see what I mean check him out here

  • Market It And Promote It Actively

Now comes the easy part. You now have to take the content that you have and disperse it accordingly. Different video content works better on different outlets for example longer form video works better on youtube and facebook while short form content plays better on snapchat, and instagram. I have listed a couple ideas to help generate and maintain visability on your posts.

  1. Engage in a niche community.

  2. Share others work within your community.

  3. Collaborate accordingly with other brands in your niche.

Understanding The Metric Of Video Content Creation

I have talked about this before in previous blogs but never hurts to reiterate what/ who you are hiring, why and what content they are producing for you. There are many different forms of video production and understanding what content you will get out of it is important.

There is a scale that ranges from amateur content, to social content, to professionally produced content. Understanding what plugs where and why will save you marketing dollars. While sometimes they overlap they are all pretty consistent.

Amateur content will be shot on an iPhone or similar usually in the form of something like you'd see on fail video compilation on youtube. How could this play into your video content creation strategy you may ask? It is useful because the quality of video is good for thought leadership plugs that you may want to post if you catch a spark of genius and want to share your thoughts.

Social Content will usually be shot on a point and shoot or a DSLR- this usually pertains to youtubers and influencers. This type of content usually gauges interest by upping the production value a bit. These types of videos can stem from a personal walk and talk type vlog, all the way to semi- produced social vignettes highlighting a lifestyle shoot with stylized lighting.

Professionally Produced Video will be paid for and usually add a pre-production element to it for full maximization of the content being produced. This is open to limitless possibilities and could overlap with aspects of all three categories. I have really seen this play a big role in crafting an overall story of what it is that you want your audience to know about you and what action you want them to take afterwards.

The overall strategy of this is to have a wide filter and an eclectic mix of everything. If you look at the Jakob Owens example again you will see all three of these being played on his YouTube channel that has amassed a sub list of over 700k. I think he is doing something right. Use these techniques and you will soon be on your way.

What This Means For Your Long Term Marketing Effort

So what does this mean for your long term marketing efforts, why is it important and what does it look like financially because it is work and it will cost some money.

  1. Why it Matters- Content creation now matters more than ever. Being part of the millennial generation which is who holds a lot of buying power these days is very very smart and will not buy from a place that looks to be polished and like they have it together. Secondly, the vast space of the inter web is here to stay and they more you put into it the more your literal content web will grow, generate better search results and fall on more and more people that could buy from you. Thirdly, it opens up new lanes of business growth, I know I have talked about him a lot in this blog but take Jakob Owens for example. He has three aspects of growth. Personal, Service, and Product. And guess what, video plays into the success of all of it.

  2. So What Does This Look Like Financially- So what does all of this look like financially? Well it really depends on what you are trying to do. You could do this by yourself but will it be the most polished and well versed pieces of content to gain a following with? That is a question for you to decide. Or you can hire someone which I talk more about briefly in What to consider when hiring a media company. The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends companies with a net profit margin (after expenses) of 10 to 12 percent should spend seven to eight percent of their gross revenue on marketing, and a 2017 study by Magisto reported that 60 percent of businesses spend more than 25 percent of their marketing budget on video. Just something to think about.

  3. How To Implement- Well hey, we are here to help and love talking strategy. If not we totally understand. We recommend gathering inspiration, formulating your own original thoughts and implementing them accordingly. It is a process but over the long haul will return dividends. Haha I feel like I have to say that in The Wolf of Wall Street Leo voice.

I hope this sheds some light on video content creation strategy and help on what it exactly is. Lucid Media would love to help talk concepts so feel free to reach out! Until next time!

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